Kuo Hua Golf & Country Club

Kuo Hua Golf & Country Club

Founding History of Kuo Hua Golf & Country Club

A photograph featuring Mr. Kuo Hua Ho, the founder (right), and General Ying-Chin Ho (left).

Mr. Kuo Hua Ho, born and raised in Beitou, experienced the challenges of the Japanese colonial period. Influenced by his mother, he developed a set of values emphasizing loyalty, filial piety, and righteousness, with a determination to improve his family’s living conditions. In his youth, Mr. Ho possessed an indomitable spirit, venturing to Osaka, Japan, to establish a successful small steel ball shop in Namba.

With keen business insight, Mr. Ho recognized the potential of golf in Taiwan. Encouraged by General Ying-Chin Ho and fueled by his relentless efforts, he founded Kuo Hua Golf & Country Club. Investing significant resources and effort, he overcame the challenges of the limited popularity of golf in Taiwan at the time, eventually transforming the club into an internationally renowned golf destination.

The Closest Golf Course to Taipei City


Located in the heart of Taiwan, closest to Taipei City, Beitou Kuo Hua Golf Club is just a short 10-minute drive away from the bustling metropolis, providing easy access to the renowned hot springs of Beitou. Mr. Ho ingeniously transformed this piece of land into a golf destination that seamlessly blends natural landscapes with modern conveniences. Not only does it offer Taipei residents a leisure spot close to home, but it also creates an oasis secluded from the hustle and bustle of the world.

At Beitou Kuo Hua Golf Club, golf is not just a sport; it is a way of life, an art, a pursuit of beauty. Mr. Ho’s resilience and tenacity stem from his commitment to his mother and deep love for his family. Even with success abroad, he never forgets his sense of responsibility and expectations for his hometown. Every blade of grass and every tree at Beitou Kuo Hua Golf Club bears witness to Mr. Ho’s profound emotions and boundless aspirations for this land.

More Than just a Sports Venue, it is an International Golf Hub

This unique golf facility, not only the realization of Mr. Ho’s dream but also an important cultural landmark in Taipei City, goes beyond being a successful entrepreneur’s vision. Mr. Ho is not just a business achiever; he is a cultural ambassador and a champion of philanthropy. His contribution to the sport of golf extends far beyond a mere athletic facility, as he has established an international golf hub for Taiwan.

When you swing your club at Beitou Kuo Hua Golf Club, you’re not just enjoying the pleasure of golf; you’re continuing Mr. Ho’s dream. This club not only witnesses the development of golf in Taiwan but also testifies to the beliefs and perseverance of a great dreamer. Beitou Kuo Hua Golf Club is the most beautiful gift that Mr. Kuo Hua Ho has bestowed upon this city and the world.

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