Multi-Functional Facilities

Golf Oasis

Golf Oasis is a special area introduced by Kuo Hua Golf Course in 2023, featuring an unique space that combines both indoor and outdoor space. Since its soft launch at the end of 2022, it has received widespread acclaim from various clients and customers. With an indoor space of nearly 80 square meters and an outdoor area of over 500 square meters of lush, dense turf exclusive to the golf course, hosting small to medium-sized events for up to a hundred people is easily achievable.

In addition to enjoying a round of golf, our esteemed guests have the option to utilize this versatile space for various events, such as product launches, fashion shows, car exhibitions, hosting weddings, corporate networking, small concerts, and more. Choosing this rare venue in the industry provides a suburban ambiance with the convenience of an urban location, offering easy parking and a secluded atmosphere that undoubtedly presents participants with a refreshing golf experience.

KH 38 Girls' Day


Golf Cart Launch Event

Wedding Anniversary Party

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